Test the main site

main site, actually just noticed i havent received any notifications for top 10, runner-ups, spoilers, variants, back in stock etc.

last email i received from CHU was 9/4 which was the site maintenance email.

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Yeah, the plugin isn’t sending out emails for those who subscribe. We need to look into why?

The email for new posts I think should be fixed now. The next time a new article is published, if anyone can verify the email arrives, that’d be great. (For those who subscribe to the site)

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I can verify. I got an email for my New Ratio Variant post.

I did get an email!

Same here.

Why that setting got disabled, I’d have no idea but it was matter of finding it and turning it back on. Sigh!

It’s alive! Thanks!

Receiving e-mails again confirmed. Thanks!

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Received thnx!

Glad it all works now!

Did anyone else notice the “pull down add bar” that was originally at the top now is along the bottom of the screen?

I see that now, actualtly.

Can you take screenshots. Not sure what you are referring to

Back to normal now. :man_shrugging: