Test the main site

Can you check to see if you are seeing posts on the main site Http://www.comicsheatingup.net getting reports people aren’t seeing anything after the update post Poyo put up

You mean the update over the weekend?

Either way, I see everything, including this week’s spoilers.

Except spoilers and the other stuff

Yeah. So people have sent me messages they are not seeing anything past the weekend update post.

I see everything. Can see all your comic reviews from tonight.

They gave Sakura Spider the Lucy Liu Kill Bill origin. :joy:

I see the new posts but I haven’t been getting any email notifications like I used to when there was a new post.

Everything on the site functioning properly here in Brazil.

Thanks all. Appreciate the help.

On social media? Like Facebook? If that’s the case, that would have been the plugin that handles it removing them or something else going on. The posts are there on the main site, we need to get details on where they’re saying they “don’t see posts beyond X”…

The Site definitely works but for some reason I am no longer receiving any notifications.

Same. The site works fine but the last e-mail I received was on September 4th.

My WordPress app doesn’t alert me to new articles anymore.

Via email?

Right. No more email notifications of new articles.

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Okay, that narrows down what the actual problem is. I’m looking now.

Email from servers is working. I believe this is a plugin issue that handles the social media and subscriber notifications after the site maintenance and move. We’re continuing to look into the matter.

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Just wanted to drop a line here and say that I’m still not receiving any e-mail notifications as I was before. I am considering just signing up with a new username if that’s the simplest solution.

I’m in the same boat as Waymond.

For the main site or the forum? I know our Facebook and Twitter is working again.