TFAW 75% off back issue sale

TFAW is having an up to 75% off back issue sale. The older books have the steepest discounts.

Some of the highlights:
Star Wars (including Adventures, Bounty Hunters, Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, and more.

I picked up
Jessica Jones Blind Spot 5 Simmonds
Daredevil 20
New Mutants 12
Black Widow 1 Jacinto
and Captain Marvel 11 Mary Jane cover by Elizabeth Torque

I was tempted to buy a ton of Strange Academy 1 4th print. Very uncertain on additional printings.

Does anyone else have trouble adding to cart? Every time I add to cart it shows my cart as empty…

Anyone know about this? @RipCityGamer sorry to bother seen this posted

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The cart thing has happened to me before. The books sometimes take a minute or two to show up in the cart.

I mean it’s pretty self explanatory. We’re doing some promoting on Key Collector, and gave them some prizes to do a sponsored giveaway.


CHU likes doing giveaways.

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True but all the silly people on the interwebs thinks TFAW already gives CHU members links to variants first… :wink:

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I’m doing a drawing and once I’m done, I’ll print some posters of it and do a giveaway :smile::smile::smile:

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Indeed, we just teamed-up for one!

And if you ever have any ideas for one you want to do and how it would happen you know how to reach me!

Today is the last day of their big Sale at TFAW. Just FYI. Looks like still a bunch of titles and issues, great way to fill in those holes or buy cheap to read.