TFAW Black Friday Sale

Just a heads up that TFAW’s Black Friday Sale is going on. 30-70% off select comics. Some good titles too. Saw some Momoko covers, SIKTC issues.

Let’s revive this topic for TFAW’s Black Friday Sale for '23.

Post some finds here on what you think are good deals!

I’ll start off by saying if you haven’t read Ex Machina, they got the complete Omnibus for it at 40% off. One of my favorite reads of all time.

View the Black Friday Sale here!

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Another one I think I mentioned the other day is Absolute Batman the Court of Owls HC which is another 40% off.

Omnibus sales are the best cause they really knock off a good amount of :moneybag:

Some cheap foil variants on sale:

Rom #1 (Facsimile Edition Foil Variant)

Batman and Robin #1 (Cover H - Stenley Artgerm Lau Foil Variant)

Batman #1 (Facsimile Edition (Cover B - Bob Kane & Jerry Robinson Foil Variant))

Legends Rise of the Sith Omnibuses are 40% off and a great pickup I think for you Darth Maul fans.

Ex Machina is my favorite thing by Vaughn along with Runaways.

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Picked up a few things on the sale I wanted. Not that bad a deal.
Scarlet Witch #6 (25 Copy Betsy Cola Variant) $4.50
Sacrificers #1 (Cover C - (Retailer 10 Copy Incentive Variant) Lotay) $1.80
Sacrificers #1 (Cover D - (Retailer 15 Copy Incentive Variant) Frison) $2.70
Kill Your Darlings #1 (Cover D - (Retailer 50 Copy Incentive Variant) Stegman) $9.00
Blade #1 (50 Copy Peach Momoko Variant) $9.00
Red Sonja 2023 #1 Cover Zo Frison Ltd Virgin $9.00
Red Sonja 2023 #3 (Cover P - (Retailer 30 Copy Incentive Variant) Middleton Bloody Virgin) $5.40

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Here is my breakdown, not as good as some previous years.

What If…? Miles Morales #1 (Bengal TFAW Exclusive Variant) Trade Dress CBCS Graded 9.8 Blue Label $15
Dark Knights of Steel #1 (Dan Mora TFAW Exclusive Variant CBCS 9.8 Blue Label) $15
Past the Last Mountain #1 (CBCS 9.8 Louie Joyce TFAW Exclusive Variant) $15
Skybound Presents Afterschool #1 (Puchkors TFAW Exclusive Variant) CBCS 9.8 Graded Blue Label $19.50
Vanish #1 (Tomaselli TFAW Exclusive Variant) CBCS Graded

Potential Flips
Ms. Marvel: The New Mutant #1 ((Retailer 100 Copy Incentive Variant) Artgerm Virg Variant) $30 (last two sales on eBay $65 and $100
Spider-Man #11 ((Retailer 100 Copy Incentive Variant) Tbd Artist Homage Virg Variant) (last two sales on eBay $89 and $99)
Death of Venomverse #2 (of 5) (Derrick Chew Virgin Variant) $30 1st Kid Venom last two sales at $55 and $70

1:10 Design Variants

Spider-man Variants
Amazing Spider-Man #34 ((Retailer 25 Copy Incentive Variant) Patrick Gleason Variant) $7.50
Amazing Spider-Man #29 (25 Copy Marco Checchetto Variant) $7.50
Star Wars Darth Vader #37 ((Retailer 25 Copy Incentive Variant) Bjorn Barends Variant)

Star Wars Variants
Star Wars Mandalorian #1 (10 Copy Concept Art Variant) $3
Star Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi #1 (of 5) (10 Copy Movie Variant) $3
Star Wars High Republic #1 (Dan Panosian TFAW Exclusive Variant) $4.50
Star Wars: War of the Bounty Hunters Alpha #1 (Chang TFAW Exclusive Variant) $4.50
Star Wars Darth Vader Black White and Red #3 (25 Copy Variant) $7.50
Star Wars #36 (25 Copy Lee Garbett Variant)
Star Wars Hidden Empire #4 (of 5) (25 Copy Travel Variant) $7.50

Big Baller Books
Amazing Spider-Man #26
Venom #23 (200 Copy Ken Lashley Variant)
Batman Spawn #1 (Cover Q - 1:666 Greg Capullo Signed Variant)


Agree, not as good as last year. Thanks Anthony!

Sale sucks. Mostly because it’s incentives not worth cover price, and no regular books for $1.

Here’s what I found worth noting out of ~4600 items. Some repeats to lists above (must be working these in parallel with @Anthony )

$3 Books

Amazing Spider-man 31 2nd Print (Ramos)
Amazing Spider-Man 31 2nd print (Skan) - sold out?
Amazing Spider-Man 31 JTC Negative Space
Moon Knight #25 JTC Negative Space
Mandalorian #1 (1:10 Concept Art)
Star Wars Obi-Wan #1 (1:10 Photo Variant)

$4 Books

Daredevil #1 (Lozano Foil)

1:100 Incentives for $30

Wolverine #36 (first Hellverine)

Thanks for the links, gentlemen! Happy Thanksgiving.

This one showed up as being “on sale”…


Not exactly discounted…