TFAW Cardboard mailer and comic really creased

So in order to click the affiliate link for TFAW I went ahead and ordered Tanker #1. I know that there are some speccers on here and they are endorsed by CHU. This is really disappointing. I know they have to watch cost, but seriously and thin cardboard is just not right. Glad I didn’t order a bunch.

Pretty sure I can’t press this one out.

Ouch. They do seem pretty good at putting stuff like this right - give them a call or drop them a message. I know it’s a pain, but the guy from TFAW seems like a fair person from what I see of his posts on here.

I don’t buy from them, know them or have any affiliation, just reflecting what I have seen on this forum.

Hope your replacement is a bit more minty!

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I’ve never had one come like this. I know the Gemini mailers cost more, but would have paid for it to be mailed correctly.

Yeah I just received mine in the same mailer, but luckily the mailman didn’t bend it that much…my 3 Shadecrafts #1’s on the other hand…

We’ve been complaining about those mailers for years. I’d say 70% of my books shipped using those are damaged. Contact them through the online chat and they will fix it for you. If you’re going to order from them and want a box order more at a time. I forgot what the cutoff is but others on here will know. They have excellent customer service. The best I’ve ever experienced.

If you talk to TFAW, they see more damages in Gemini mailers than the rigid mailers. It’s been hit or miss with me too but now I just try to make sure my TFAW orders get the white box with peanuts (haven’t had any issues since I try to make my orders have 10+ comics in them).


I am scared to open up my star wars exclusive I got from them.

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More damage reports overall with gemini, more severe damage with the flat mailers. The gemini ones are usually corners, or stress impacts from boxes being thrown, etc. The envelopes when they get damaged seem to be from postal employees wanting to make them fit places they shouldn’t.

We’re trying to get at least pieces of rigid board to include in those envelopes to help protect them to see if that helps a bit more.


Exclusives (and over cover price incentives) should always be shipped in gemini-style mailers at a minimum. If you ordered an exclusive or a variant and it got sent in an envelope contact our support so they can figure out who mis-packed it and that it was a one off thing.


Honestly, if you ask most people here, even the slightest defect is “severe” and likely the end of the world :wink:


Thanks I will open and see it.

Everyone was complaining about ReedPop’s NYC Exclusive… but mine was beautiful!!

That’s also what CS puts up with. We’re all comic fans, too, so obviously any damage we don’t like. But the amount of people who demand refunds or new copies because they won’t get a 9.8 if they submit what they got without pressing is growing.

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I bet… bunch of comic book nerds getting their panties all knotted up… :wink:


It’s always hit and miss with the mail. I just got a box from Behemoth with some You Promised Me Darkness #1 copies I ordered, and despite their packing being great and everything being done perfect the USPS or someone must have dropped it at some point because every bottom left corner is crunched in.

Nothing bad enough that I can’t fix myself with a press if I ever want to, but sometimes damage is unavoidable. The only way to make sure every copy of a comic you get is in great condition is to hand pick your own at an LCS and even then they may not have any copies in good condition either because of how their shipment was packed.

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Yup, the key is not how much protection you put in the box but try to prevent the comics from sliding at all. I think that’s why I’ve had zero damages for things I sell, none of my books slide and then have the protection that takes the blow if dropped, etc.

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I just sent the pictures and email to you guys. Granted, not the same book. When I sold my New Mutants #98 and my Nyx #3, I really went overboard. Neither was graded, but I’m OCD about handling them, especially those kind of books. Besides regret selling them, I put the each one in a gemini mailer. Then put the gemini mailer into a large priority mail box. Cost more. I always add on my listing that sHipping safety is real important to me. Then I also write on the listing, “If my shipping cost due to double boxing seems high, or you are not happy with them being shipped safely MOVE ALONG TO ANOTHER LISTING.”

My thing is, it’s hit or miss whether I spend the time to notify CS. If it’s just one book I got at cover, meh… I likely won’t bother getting refund or replaced (unless it’s a book that’s impossible to find or replace without paying a premium). If it’s a majority of the books that got damaged, then maybe if it knocked them down in the 8.0 or lower type grade… but I will notify CS if it’s a book I bought over cover, as in a premium book ratio or similar. Those I expect in high grades.

The comic is in Pristine! :slight_smile: Made me sigh for a big min.

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Corner Impact Creases. We should have a thread with what the different types of damage and defects are called. I just actually got an order in one of the flimsy mailers and they were all fine. No issues. I even forgot to pick bag and board so they just all came in a bag. The thing is I package knowing the post office can be rough on packages. There are definite improvements that can be made starting with bigger boxes. Or at least not stuffing it so full it bulges.

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Me too, I pack items to literally survive a plane crash, or at least idiots that ignore the Fragile sticker. Sent a depression vase, to Australia once. Customer was amazed it arrived intact. I was stressed the whole time it was enroute. Think it took 3 months to get there. So lots of chances it would come to harm. :sweat_smile:

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