TFAW Exclusive Critical Role #1 CBCS 9.8 up for preorder

Not a ratio Variant so posting it here. Tfaw has 9.8 CBCS David Mack Covers for Critical Role: Tales of Exandria I #1 up for pre-order between now and Monday.

Mack is doing several covers for them.

Is it based on an rpg or something?

Got a bundle this morning. Curious to see how the print run goes for the set of exclusives.

I think its a dnd podcast thing

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Won’t reveal numbers until Monday, but I will say that so far it’s less than many of our Image/Boom exclusives total numbers. But it’s not the lowest qty one we’ve had yet. I think that’s still Crossover #1? I can’t remember if we had anything else sub-400.

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