TFAW King in Black Search

I was searching the Symbiote Spider-Spider-Man King in Black books for pre-order and a bunch of interesting King in Black True Believers came up. Venom Super Special #1… Fantastic Four #245 (first Avatar)… As well as some more common keys (e.g., Avenger #48). Maybe it’s nothing… But worth a look!


I noticed that Fantastic Four as well and bought the original they the same price as the true believers currently

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Here’s the link for all you people who don’t like typing in search fields:wink:

So after reading about Avatar I can see him being powerful enough to fight Knull he is an adult version of Franklin Richards that springs from him as a young boy when he gets frustrated doing a puzzle, he also doesn’t have any memory at first so I can see Donny Cates recreating the character to battle Knull. Avatar power level is well up there like with Phoenix, Franklin as a child is already classed as a Omega Level Mutant strongest of the strong in Marvel universe.

Even weirder the book Fantastic Four #245 has steady eBay sells for 3 months all low price for the most part but a lot of copies.

The Symbiote bonded to Franklin not long after the Avatar appearance in continuity. Of course the Symbiote was quite interested in him in ASM #260 as well which is the same period of time. Doom’s then responsible for letting the Symbiote out I think?