Tfaw Pre-Order Variants Venom Thor and More

Dark Nights Death Metal #5 (of 7) (Inc 1:25 Doug Mahnke Variant)

Amazing Spider-Man #53 Tsang Marvels Spider-Man Miles Morale

Having the links all in one place will make it much quicker for me to make sure no one managed to grab a bunch due to site loading bugs!

Incentives in general are something we’re still playing around with. Like someone mentioned the plan is to figure out a set schedule soon where they get uploaded. Maybe stagger them some so the first on the site doesn’t get them all.

If that is a good thing, we can keep doing them. If it is bad, we can just ignore it was ever posted, yeah? :slight_smile:

Geez. Just saw this and everything is sold out. Oh well.

We have been updating them as we find them. Also keep checking back I have a feeling copies may be freed up.

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Yeah going to check back tomorrow.

Usually if anything is added pre-FOC for incentives it’s based only on existing preorders we know we need to fulfill, and at some point after we place orders (Fridays for DC Monday for Diamond) the additional quantity we plug in for is tallied up and more are added. If stuff is added post FOC that usually means whatever was added is it, barring any cancellations.

Does that mean I can get a job organizing the website and analyzing sales data to increase the customer base? I work remotely from an island for comics or cash😜

How are you liking Lunar so far?

Most of my perspective comes from the marketing side obviously. There’s been some growing pains but they’re improving. It’s a lot harder to pull individual assets from their site, and to track previously ordered things. There’s also a lot less materials in general for social media, sales, etc. But that could be more on DC.

From a logistics standpoint we also need to use one account for them for all of our stores, which is a bigger security risk than Diamond where each store has its own login and we can let more staff access things to place orders for customers.

There’s also still that concern of having to rely on one of our competitors to get a significant chunk of comics and the sales data they now have access to, but there’s no way around it.

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Ok, even more:

These are in stock.
Batman Three Jokers #1 1:25 Fabok $19.99 On the CovrPrice Runners Up list

Batman 95 1:25 $19.99

Dark Nights Death Metal #3 (Doug Mahnke 1:25 Variant) $19.99

And More Pre-orders:

Dark Nights Death Metal #4 (1:25 Doug Mahnke Variant) $19.99

Dark Nights Death Metal #5 (1:25 Doug Mahnke Variant) $19.99

1:7 Ratio - 1:30 Ratio List


Great on the 95 1:25.

They accidentally shipped me the 94 1:25 (and quickly took care of it) so I still needed the 95 for my run

I shall frantically click the Symbiote 1:25s all day hoping for a catch! Sounds like a cool story too.

@RipCityGamer any chance this one will be coming up soon?

It’s the only one of the Fortnite covers you don’t have up.

Damn late to the party only got the Spider-man 53 Miles issue. That symbiote is on my list

It’s up now.


Will any of the good stuff come back as available? I missed this thread and everything I want is sold out.

Thor #8 1:25 is back up limit 1

Maybe that’s gone now the 1:100 for Thor 8 is up the Eternals ratios are up