Tfaw Pre-Order Variants Venom Thor and More

Thanks to a heads up I was able to pre-order some choice ratio variants cheap check them out below jump in while you can:

Venom #30 Kuder 1:25 Variant $17.49

Thor #9 1:25 Klein Variant $17.49

Thor #9 1:50 McGuiness Variant $34.99

Star Wars Adventures #3 1:10 Francavilla variant $2.79

Dr Aphra #6 1.25 Variant $17.49

Punchline Special #1 1:25 Variant $17.49

Batman #102 1:25 Ghost Maker Character Variant $17.49

Batman #103 1:25 Bruce Wayne Character Variant $17.49

Dark Nights Death Metal Infinite Hours 1:25 Variant $17.49

Dark Nights Death Metal Multiverse Who Laughs #1 Bianchi 1:25

There’s a 1:100 Miles Morales Variant for ASM 53 too

Thanks for pointing that out. Was looking at 1:25 variants so missed it.

There was Star Wars #8 1:25 put up today.

I assume this is a 1:500 Venom #30

And a bunch has sold out already. Looks like people jumped in.

Any formula as to when these get added? Wanting to grab the 1/10 of We Only Find Them #2.

ordered the Batman 1:25, but only cause i know whats comig :wink:

I know @RipCityGamer has previously stated there is no set schedule of releasing incentive variants but that something might be set up in the future.

I spend a good portion of my day everyday checking things constantly

Bah…I wanted that Punchline…I was late to this game.

Which one? Bruce Wayne or MC Hammer variant?

I would think some of these may become available as they get more orders in.

So check back.

And some people will drop them from their orders before FOC.

MC Hammer all the way !!

First full and cover of ghost maker if you beleive Tynions news letter.

keep checking back

A number of choices. Which do we go for? I’m indecisive!

Busy day at work and the good stuff is sold out. Oh well… Maybe next time

A couple more for the people late to the table

Symbiote Spider-Man King in Black #1 Shaw Variant

Symbiote Spider-Man King in Black #1 (Saviuk Variant)

Both 1:25s with rumored first appearance

Red Atlantis #1

Locke & Key Sandman Hell & Gone #1 (Retailer 10 Copy Incentive Variant) B&W Rodrique