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I had the idea that tfaw would have slowly gotten back on schedule by now, but it hasn’t happened. The odd thing that I’m seeing is that a couple of preorders are listed as “processing,” but they’re from all over the month of November. It seems that they’re not going chronologically, but rather box by box. When they were forced out of their warehouse, they wrote that they hoped to get back on schedule within 2 weeks or so. Hasn’t it been two weeks? Have anyone’s preorders all reached the “processing” phase? I wish they’d post some sort of update letting us know how they are progressing, but I just feel completely in the dark. If anyone knows anything about their proposed timeline for getting back on schedule, I would appreciate the feedback.

There are some TFAW reports on the ‘New Variant … Thread’.
I have received an order package and a preorder package. The contents are in no particular order of sale date books. Books that have been out for a few weeks and should have been processed, have not.
Take a deep breath and just wait, thats what I tell myself. And also that your postage will add up !

There should be some indication of ‘processing’ on your order page.

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I just received an order from them. 1/4 of the books are damaged. Not enough packing peanuts. I really wish they would learn to pack properly. This isn’t even close to the first time this has happened…sigh.

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Ive received my order I was waiting to ship before the shutdown as well as the one week order they processed and shipped after reopening. Still waiting on many November books to be processed but that’s about it.

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Yeah, I have more waiting. I just hate having to call and then send pics for books that would have been fine if they packed better. Never have been a fan a just packing peanuts for protection.


I usually just chat. Their CSR are usually helpful, but will require pics (you should email these first before chatting).


I receive monthly shipping. What I find extremely peculiar is that as I look here at my orders that are in process, two are from 11/10/21, one is from 11/17/21, and one is from 12/08/21. The others in between those dates remain in a state of no indication of processing. The whole thing is bizarre. And I’m sorry to hear your books arrived damaged. Horrible feeling when you open the box and see the dreaded shipping damage.

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Looks like my 11/17 books are processing, waiting on 1/4 of my 11/10, and not even touched my 11/24, 12/1 or 12/8…sigh…

I did my monthly calculation and all last week and just got notifications only 6 books are being shipped wtf TFAW!!! I was expecting more then 6 books and on top of that, books that got removed from my pre-orders got added and charged. Ugh so frustrating…

Hopefully 2022 will be better :crossed_fingers:

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Having books that I removed from my pre-order list that come out the week they are processing my order has led to books being on their processing list (Im on 1 shipment a month) and added to my order and shipped. I think its a bug in their system. The lesson I learned is if I add something that’s coming out the same week as when my order is typically processed I decide quickly and remove it as soon as I can (not wait the 24 hours I supposedly have). Fortunately, for me I don’t buy as much as you guys and its only been 1-2 books.

You must be new to TFAW as they only just caught up with orders and the warehouse thing happened. I literally had one pre order ship on time in the last year.

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Anybody get a freebie in their package yet? Just curious. I did not.

I got my orders but no freebies.

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Nope, no freebies.

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I’ve been using TFAW for years, so when the service became abysmal I was surprised because they used to be on point. After they got back on schedule (kind of) the warehouse thing happened and they said that everything would be working again in a couple of weeks. That hasn’t been the case. I got a shipment of 4 books recently which didn’t help in any way. I guess I am writing this because I don’t understand what’s taking them so long to get back to the way they had been operating. If this is the new reality with them, I see no real point in continuing to order from them. It’s become a convoluted mess and I’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, as I’m sure a lot of us did, but this is just atrociously bad. That is why I wanted to check with our fellow members to see if anybody has had any kind of positive experience with them since the warehouse debacle.

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On November 30th I was told my order for ‘Something Is Killing Children Deluxe Ed Slipcase HC Book 01’ was processing, despite never having placed an order for it - I’m across the pond, and shipping is exorbitant right now. After a brief chat, they confirmed the order would be cancelled, and some other lucky punter would receive the book immediately as it’s in such high demand. Great, everybody wins.

Today, I received an email notifying me that I’ve been charged, and the order has been shipped, despite (again) having never placed the order, and despite the confirmed cancellation from their staff 12 days ago.

I have no idea what issues they’re experiencing, but I’m now down over £50 ($69.25) right before Christmas, for a book I didn’t order. Cheers TFAW.

Slap it up on eBay and double your money :slight_smile:

Twice the presents now!!

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Crikey, didn’t realise it was going for so much!

Cheers, TFAW!


Now that is beyond strange. At least you can flip the book you paid for yet never ordered. This is a perfect example of how things are going at tfaw right now. What a mess.

Anybody else getting this Bad Request while trying to search?. I do a search and try to change the sort by or product type etc. and get this error on any search. When I try to load a saved link it does the same thing?. Been this way for days?..

This is on my home PC with up to date GOOGLE CHROME as browser

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