Thank you!

This is long over due, but I just wanted to say thank you. I collected comics all through the 90’s and stopped when money had to be allocated to the kids. About five years ago, I got back into it. I started with Key Collector App(which I know everyone loves) because I just found it and wanted to keep track of what I had. Then I discovered their hot alerts and kept missing key issues before I could even get to them. Then over many searches came across this top secret website called
So, it’s a personal thing that too many times we go through life and don’t recognize the impact we have on each other, so I try to do it every day. (If interested the concept came from here TEDxToronto - Drew Dudley "Leading with Lollipops" - YouTube )
First, thank you Anthony for this amazing website, the countless hours, all the late night spoilers, and everything you do to keep this site running. I have learned so much and built my collection up way past where I thought I could. I’ve discover TFAW’s mad search for ratios, CovrPrice and a million other tools. You have had a huge impact and I thank you!
DrunkWooky- Please know any Star Wars comics I have picked up ever is completely your fault, and I now have a lot:-) In fact, I never thought about Star Wars much since I was kid. Now, I may actually be into Star Wars a little more than Marvel. So thank you for all your work in preserving the entire Star Wars Universe! Your passion for Star Wars is extremely addicting…you should put a warning label somewhere.
Poyo’s Specs, Hightlights, Last Calls- It is because of you after I preorder my comics months in advance that whatever I missed is actually never missed. Because of spec pics, I have picked up books like Department of Truth and am continuing to read it up to its current issue. Because of last call, I have never missed those last minute amazing covers and 1st appearances. A huge thanks, for all you’ve done and continue to do
For all the those who have posted anything…from comics to pick up, Funko Pops, to movie and tv specs, to rumors, and help to build this community, this family…thank you!!! Everyone has made a huge impact!


Yeah what he said!
It doesn’t take much at all to tell someone thanks but for the most part it goes mostly unsaid. I would like to thank everyone too.
Thank you!!


Thanks to everyone here as well. Great community, has invigorated my love for single issue comics again.

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Absolutely agree. For the most part, this group’s members are supportive and genuinely positive for each other. It’s a rarity these days.

Hey! You’re welcome! It behooves me to share the credit with my new partner in crime, @Im_super_into_that ! He’s helping me stay sane and not have to type my fingers down to nubs to keep up with news. So, thanks Frik!

Star Wars is like pizza. There’s good pizza and then there’s better pizza. But, it’s all pizza and we love it all!


Thanks for the kind words.