Thanos in Eternals #2

Hi everyone, just saw this

Looks like Thanos will be in the new Eternals series coming out. Thinking this could possibly be the very beginning to that scene we saw in Thor #6. Cates did say he has more ambitious plans with Thor than his current Venom run. Might be worth it to pick up a few.

Cates doing eternals?

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You can’t have the Eternals without Thanos to be honest… without Thanos in the Eternals, it’d be like, cookies and no creme… peanut butter and no jelly…

I prefer my peanut butter sandwiches jelly-free, myself. I actually add kettle chips to give the sandwich some crunch!

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With thor #7 showing the same panel from thor #6 and asking about thanos with beta ray bill (which confirms it’s Thanos not Thane lul), makes me think this issue of Eternals is a must have now.