The Ambassadors comic


I like Karl Kerschl, not a fan of millars writing usually

I feel like I need that meme of the lady looking intrigued at the artist list and disgusted at the name Millar. Sigh.

New stuff from Frank Quitely? SIGN ME UP IMMEDIATELY!

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His art is great but he has a history of taking way too long. He spends way too much time on interiors. He should focus on cover art I think.

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Silence, @agentpoyo! Quietly is amazing and can take as long as he needs, I say!

At a mondocon a few years back, during a panel discussion, Francavilla was explaining that in order to survive as a comic book artist, one must learn to be efficient. If it takes you a day or longer to draw a single page for a comic, you will not survive as a comic book artist. I think he’s got a point… Sure there are artists who take their time on work but as you don’t see as much work getting pushed out the door from them, that likely means they got income coming in another form.