The Batman Mondo poster by Francesco Francavilla

The world of Mondo can be scary. Instant sellouts, multiple bot attacks, collectors living in a secret wanna be Fight Club Facebook group.

Even so, this poster is LIT! Goes up on sale tomorrow. Good luck getting the limited print. Otherwise, have fun getting the easier and more smooth timed edition :sunglasses:

Timed edition

Variant edition limited to 325

Totally worthless DC spec here. SKIP!

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I don’t even try on Mondo stuff, but I actually like the timed edition better.


Yep. Agreed. I gave up a long time ago on Mondo.
Fighting against bots is completely futile and frustrating

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Same here. Even going to the actual Mondo Con I wouldn’t bother trying to get the posters… nope… nope… nope!

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I’d take a poster to actually put up with some pins or painters tape but I don’t think those who speculate on posters would say I’m doing it correctly.