The best comics to invest in

I’m guessing that after issue 14 (or maybe 15) well get a "Punchline will return in X.

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I pull mine out every day and hug them…

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Definitely not 9.8.

You mean I’m not suppose to hug my comics? What about kissing them cause I love them so much?


Only if it’s French :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And call them George.

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Can you help us out with some recos? I agreed with you about bronze and silver - but this isn’t my full time passion so I’m kind of lost. I like Batman, Star Wars / but open to other suggestions

I appreciate this feedback and one of the reasons I have got back into small time collecting. Do you think the webhead Spiderman could one day be similar in value and collectibility as 880 Batman jock?

First Damien should be on this list no? Batman 665. Should have future legs snd maybe some sort of hbo potential?

Hard to tell at this time. I mean, anything is possible. As time goes on, new collectors are born while supplies run dry as issues get tucked away into collections, making issues not as available and if the demand stays strong, then we all know what happens then, value starts to slowly go up.

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That’s Batman 655 for those of you in Rio Linda. Yes, it’s a great book to own and severely under appreciated along with DCCP 26.

655 first app (cameo in shadows)

656 first full.

666 first app as Batman (also a Professor Pyg cameo!)


Everything on your list is worthy of owning, but it all depends on your collecting/investing philosophy - and when you expect to sell.

Will all of the titles you listed appreciate over time? Yes, I think so. But the question is by how much, relative to what each book costs today. What will that margin look like in 5, 10, 20+ years? (Or, are you looking to turn over books in the short term?)

My personal current investment philosophy: Almost totally Marvel. Disney has this locked down right now with the MCU and Disney+. I mostly want long-term holds; I want characters that kids want to dress up as and play with the toys and video games, so that they have the interest and nostalgia to want these comics years from now. Look at the properties Disney (and Warner) is aiming at kids and take the hints.

Star Wars it is!!!

Watching Moon Knight makes me think of the next hero role for Oscar Isaac: Spiderman 2099.

I am not sure the pricing on the first appearances. But Oscar will likely be an awesome voice actor in SpiderVerse. Also - you will note the following. A full omnibus style reprint is coming out.

Spider-Man 2099 Omnibus HC Vol 01 Leonardi Cover


i pull mine out and hug 'em too … oh wait … i don’t think we’re talking about the same thing :slight_smile: