The best Venom comic book covers of all time?

I’m a massive Venom fan and my collection is pretty out of control at this point. I thought it might be cool to break out my picks for the best Venom covers of all time (some of which I own, and some of which I really want). Here are my picks:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #316
  • Amazing Spider-Man #317
  • Amazing Spider-Man #332
  • Amazing Spider-Man #346
  • Amazing Spider-Man #347
  • Amazing Spider-Man #362
  • Venom: Lethal Protector #1
  • Amazing Spider-Man #375
  • Venom: The Enemy Within #1
  • Venom: Finale #3
  • Venom vs Carnage #1
  • Venom: Dark Origin #4
  • Venom / Deadpool: What If? #1
  • Venom #6
  • Venom #1
  • Venom #3
  • Venom First Host #1 (1:25 Variant)
  • Venom #7
  • Venom #9
  • Marvel Action Spider-Man #10 (1:10 Variant)

Would also love to know the community’s thoughts if I’m missing any?



Thunderbolts 127 1:10 Jock cover


Amazing Spider-man #569 Granov variant :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I like the Thunderbolts #110 Yu variant as well. A bit of an atypical Venom look but I still am fond of it.

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Paging @Venomismypassion

Not an expensive book by any means but one I have a soft spot for

Nice negative space one

Dishonorable mention

Here’s another Adi Granov cover that I was partial enough to seek the virgin variant of, but there’s a trade dress available. Absolute Carnage #1 Codex variant:

His creator always drew him best, imo, with a sinister grin instead of pointy teeth and a silly tongue.

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Not even silly anymore… artists are getting carried away with the tongue… it’s no longer silly, just damn stupid… I’ll give McFarlane credit, his Venom was the best Venom!


Whoah…we had better document that somewhere!

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