THE book of 2022

There were some fantastic stories I read this year even if they lacked spec heat. Need to note them all down for my blog’s best of lists.

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I think in 10 years 8BG will be the winner. MAYBE Grim but I would bet more on it fizzling out as another “spec because people missed out on SIKTC” series.

BP3 might be short-term but eventually Marvel will do nothing with Tosin (because why would they when they already set up other options?). Unless they make the character super exciting, right now almost everyone buying copies is buying copies because they think Tosin will be BP in the MCU someday with Chadwick gone; I haven’t seen a single person argue that the character is good, and long-term story will trump spec.

Twig is the dark horse choice if they pull a Canto and keep it going with subsequent volumes. I can easily see Twig becoming an animated show, or just becoming a character that a decent number of rabid fans really enjoys.


While not quite to the level of many mentioned, I still have like Strange Academy #15 and that amazing 1st Gaslamp cover (realizing it’s just first cover not first appearance)

As already solicited we haven’t seen the last of him and given some of the indications of his long term ties/origins to the Marvel mystical universe I think he’s here to stay.

January but still made the cut.


any strange academy 1st app is a good long term investment


book of the year goes to the UF4 Acetate gate lol

most talked about book this year and it ruined a marriage


May not be the most valuable yet, I believe the Star Wars High Republic stuff-anything with a first appearance-will all be good long term holds. I’ve been mostly collecting Star Wars lately.
Star Wars High Republic #1 Volume 2
Yoda #1.


Doctor Aphra #24 has some very good potential as well


Not many comics can claim that.

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I wouldn’t say the book ruined the marriage… seems like the marriage was already on the rocks based on people’s own actions.

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Don’t be so negative… it also sparked a beautiful relationship apparently.

I really need another instalment of that show, wonder what the characters are up to now…

It did kinda leave on a few cliffhangers.

Have these two/three shown up at the same convention since? Are more acetates in the works?

The BF owner was not in a good place.