The Chosen One Netflix show


I remember skimming the series and finding it decent. I run really hot and cold on Millar, tho. This was back when he made some decent stuff, however.

A bunch of people trying to watch The Chosen series are going to be really confused if they use such similar names.

So if moving American Jesus to Mexico makes sense, why didn’t he write it that way?

I mean, the, “Wanted,” movie made a ton of changes from the comic and was a lot better for it. Maybe Millar realizes he has the seed of good ideas in his works and needs to let others make them actually not suck.

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I liked a chosen thought. It was a good book. Last series was a let down though.

On episode 2, and…this show is slow. Kinda aimless too.

It looks like it should have been a movie…

it is an odd show over all I liked it, but it takes a while to get there.

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