The Crow 1/6 Scale Figure by Sideshow Collectibles

$265- August-October 2022


That’s f-en cool. I want one…

My wife showed me this Mezco one. Looks cool too. Now which ones should I get? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

May just buy that for my son. He is not nearly the comic fan I am, but I did successfully turn him into a Crow lover. He has a really nice, sleeve tattoo that is ongoing that is all Crow themed.

It’s funny, I showed both my sons my collection at one point (and they grew up around it) and made them point out specific items that needed to “go to them” in my will.

Along with just a couple other things, the main priority for my son was “I would love your Crow comics Dad”.

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If you don’t mind, I would love to see that sleeve…

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Honestly, the Mezco one would be my choice. Half the scale, sure, but 40% of the price and better accessories.

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