The Crow Reboot Is Happening!


Solid leads. Could be cool.

One of my favorite movies ever .It was such shame that Brandon Lee had to die at such a young age.


This is a movie they should leave alone. Perhaps make other movies based on the Crow but don’t redo the original. No reboot will ever beat the first one… so don’t even try!


Well they got Bill who did an amazing job as Pennywise I didn’t think they should of rebooted that with Tim Curry’s great performance in the original but it worked out. I’m happy they will introduce The Crow to the next generation the original movie was so long ago and all the sequels were straight to vhs b movies. Hopefully they will be able to put out a trilogy of crow films with their new lead actor. JO Barr deserves to take a break from conventions after 30+ years signing books it’s time to enjoy some new money.


Leave The Crow alone. You can’t remake a masterpiece so do not try. Hollywood never learns.

Starts filming in 2 weeks.

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As long as they are true to the themes of the story I’m good. It has to present the utter despair and loss. It has to be gritty and dark. It is a love story in the end. It can either go very well, or so horribly wrong.