The Ebay Vault

Hey! Have you ever thought to yourself “Man I really love my collection, but I wish I didn’t have to look at it and enjoy it all the time!” Well then we have a product for you! Ship your things to EBay! They’ll store it and you can forget you even own it until your charged a storage fee!


“Enjoy expert packing and insured shipping, all handled for you by eBay.”

I think if you have slabbed books, might not be a concern.

But I can totally see ebay throwing raw books into a bubble mailer…


Unfortunately if you only take a picture or two of the item, and someone would like to see more photos….you’re SOL.

Or does ebay take the photos?

“It’s easy to sell from the eBay vault with high-quality images and pre-populated listings.”

Or you try to get it back.

“When you withdraw an item, we ship it directly from the eBay vault to you for a withdrawal fee.”

“Sales taxes will not be charged for items sent to or traded within the eBay vault.” (Owners are responsible for remitting applicable taxes upon withdrawal. When you sell or purchase a card that is shipped from the eBay vault, eBay will collect sales taxes as required.)

The whole thing just discourages me from investigating further because it sounds like a complicated way of solving a problem that doesn’t exist.


Hmmm kinda sounds to me like tcgplayer direct shipping (card stores send tcgplayer their cards and are listed on tcgplayer so you have the option to bundle buying from a few sellers to save on shipping, alongside giving the stores the options to just list regularly and ship it themselves like eBay) except for whatever you want I guess?

Though this is helpful for cards, since you have to pay atleast .50 for each card shipped normally, so not paying that .50 for every single card by buying individually from shops there does actually save alot. But that’s cause cards are ‘cheap (.50-$5)’ compared to comics anyways.

Something that does sound interesting is eBay mentioning trading between people through the vault (I’m sure with eBay getting some kind of fee for acting as a trusted third party), could be kind of neat.

I like the picture that they use. All cards are held in individual display cases as opposed to thrown in a card board box Highly doubt that it is the actual way they store them.

This might stop scammers…

What eBay advertises the vault looks like:

vs likely reality: