The Empty Man movie

Sell…sell…sell…movie comes out…next week.

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Actually looks like it was done well… I think I only picked up the first issue long ago and either sold it or dumped it off at half price.

eBay copies are still pretty cheap so at this point, I don’t think they’ll go up any higher unless people rave about the movie and there’s a ton of sequels.

Sadly, the fact alone that they are releasing the movie in this environment almost guarantees there won’t be multiple sequels.

FYI…it was a FOX movie that Disney is now dumping. That alone should tell you to sell…

I love Cullen Bunn. Great looking movie. But now time to go to the basement and pull out my copies.

Just posted this over on the main site.

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Yeah, I saw how excited you got when we stopped at his table in NYCC… thought you were gonna start dry humping his leg right then and there… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am a nobody but Cullen Bunn was one of the first creators who reached out to me to make friends. Some people realize the power of spec sites.


Word of mouth and free advertising… if I was creating comics, I’d love spec sites… :wink:

Some do. And some abuse them.

Sell now or wait till people go see the movie and its talked about? No one knows about this except for Bunn fans.

It has been known about for a long while. It has gone in waves. Trailer wave should help sales.

I have the 1:20 virgin variant that goes for a bit guess I need to pull the $1.25 sticker off the front of the bag.

No you leave that sticker on there to just rub it in.

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If you havent watched the movie, I highly recommend you do so.

I was surprised. It’s pretty damn good. It’s less a horror movie, and more a thriller.

It’s a slow burn puzzle. If you like David Fincher movies, this one’s right up your alley.

I want to see it because it was a comic I really enjoyed and want them to make more Cullen Bunn stuff Into movies.


I watched the trailer which completely turned me off.