The Forgotten - Digging In Own Long Box Finds

You ever go through your own long and short boxes only to find that golden ticket comic you totally didn’t realize you had?

Well today while going through a bunch of boxes that I hadn’t gone through in quite some time I found these 3 golden ticket books, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle… Didn’t even recall I had these in my possession as I only found Issue #59 when Jennika got hot to sell (which I found another issue #59 as well, first cover pre-turtle appearance).

I didn’t just have the first regular cover but also the RI and Blank Sketch of TMNT #51:

I got all of these at cover price. For a while at my local shop, nobody was picking up TMNT and I’d normally find the RI covers sitting on the shelf a week after release, either the subscriber didn’t like or never picked up so they set out for all.

All 3 are in perfect shape. I don’t slab books but I plan to sell these and 9.8 books fetch way more than the raw copies currently for these.

Post your “Forgotten” books here when you find them. Seems like a fun topic to keep going for your own finds in your own long/short boxes. :slight_smile:


I was in the market for a Detective 880 for about a year…was thinking of pulling the trigger.

I thought I had already gone through my Detective stack and confirmed I didn’t have it…I took a hiatus from comics right around the time of new 52 started.

Went through the stack another day and found a group of comics sharing an oversized bag…front was detective 778 or so…the back was detective 881 (last issue).

I’m like, “no way I have it…”

But sure enough…I pulled the issues out and here it was. Crammed in between them. Could not believe it as I have no recollection of buying it or any of the jock covers.

It looks great…but the back has some “scratches” or something odd…guessing its from manufacturing. Otherwise I’d say it’s a 9.6…maybe a 9.2 with the scratches.

It’s one of those books I’ll never part with unless desperate or dead. So I haven’t slabbed it, but I should for insurance purposes in case my collection is destroyed or lost for some reasons.

I’ll post a picture later.

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I really like that TMNT #52 RI cover for a long term hold. I got a beautiful copy myself right before Jennika caught that initial heat a while back. :turtle:

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tec880 is an all time classic. It may just be my favourite cover of all time. :black_joker:

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Now that I have all my comics in an online database, I rarely have a forgotten moment. But … closest I get is when I see an issue that is hot over the last 24 hours. I usually check it out.

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Found this in my miscellaneous junk books section when I dug my books out of storage after a long hiatus.

It’s a second print, which in late 80s and early 90s meant it’s totally worthless. It’s not a 9.8, but maybe a 9.0+. Might slab it just because it’s such a good cover, and I bought it in a three pack at a store a long, long time ago.


Mine too. But I had to pay for a 9.6. Classic cover that will slowly rise in price over the years. Its art

I got creative when I bought my copy at a convention a few years ago and I technically got paid to take my copy home with me (the spoils of comic speculation). I recently had it pressed and graded.

Missed on the Tec 880 when it came out. Some day will pick one up, but just hate to pay the price on a cover buy. Great find.

Typically I know what I have, but finding it isn’t always easy.

I have found a few I didn’t remember I had that I bought in the 90s, but typically nothing overly significant.

I did find a Sentry 1 in a longbox, I knew I had it, but didn’t realize I hadn’t already pulled it to put in a mylar.

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I just found a FCBD One Punch Man that I had no idea I owned. Has a few spine ticks, but nothing serious. Pays to clean up around here haha

This is a timely topic for me, as I just started trying to organize the books I bought 20-30 years ago with the books I’ve been buying over the past 4 years.

Surprises so far:

Deadpool #1 (1997 ongoing) - I have NO memory of buying this. I was tapering down what I bought at the time, especially Marvel-wise, so I’m guessing the power of McGuinness compelled me.

Batman #189 - I knew I had a small handful of Silver Age Batman/Detective books I bought in the '90s, but didn’t specifically remember having this Scarecrow appearance. It’s probably around a 4.0 but still a cool rediscovery.

I’ve been rebagging my collection after ignoring it for the past 5 or 6 years and found a Batman 608 2nd print. I forgot about it because a coworker’s husband gave me a bunch of comics years ago when he was cleaning out his collection, including the entire Hush storyline, some early Jim Lee UXM and a UXM 266.