THE GOON movie

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Every couple of years a pulse registers for an adaptation of, “The Goon,” and everyone gets really excited before nothing happens and it cools off again. Maybe this time it’ll actually go somewhere, I wonder!

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I’m over Eric Powell. When I met him at Mondo Con a few years back at his booth, he just seemed like he just didn’t want to be there and was annoyed by con attendees. Maybe he was having a bad day but seriously, if you come off like that then maybe you should go do something else as a profession.

Francavilla was a delight and seemed like he really enjoyed talking to fans, doing commissions, etc as were most of the other artists and writers there.


I meet him yesterday. And he was really cool to me. Maybe the Covid shut down showed a lot of people how to be more humble. Even Tynion was nice at the panel. And he admitted to it too which was cool. So maybe you’ll get a different experience this time.

Meh… that’s if I ever meet him again. I’ll probably just keep on walking by. He’s offered nothing new anyways in the past 5-6 years. All we hear or see about is Goon and nothing more.

let’s not forget Hillbilly! :roll_eyes:

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The delays killed that one…


Tynion’s always struck me as pretty humble - does/did he have a reputation for being a jerk at cons?

Met Tynion once. Great guy. Over rated writer.

I’ve heard Tynion is very nice but has an extremely dry sense of humor?

First time meeting the guy or seeing how he is. But for people to admit and be thankful that we the readers are who make them who they are, are slowly dying down. I’ve meet comic artist who are jerks and think that they got to where they are cuz of them, when in reality is US who make them, them.

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Ego can be a hell of a thing.

He had an exclusive for some book or other someone asked me to get for them. I ran to his table and picked it up. I asked for a copy, paid and was walking away. He called out, you do not want me to sign it? I was like, “no”.

He was fine, nice enough, but I thought it was funny when he asked if I wanted it signed.