The Great Conjunction

Freakin’ happens once every 400-800 years and I got cloudy skies this evening…

I hope we get powers.

It’s been overcast here for like the last 9 days. Oh well, at least we were in the path of totality a couple of years ago and got to see that.

There has been a meme that black people will get superpowers. My friends of color have been tweeting and Facebooking about it a lot in a jokey manner.

Here you go. Pretty amazing, huh?


I tried. Southwest is directly off my back porch. Too many clouds. Will catch it the next time it rolls around. God bless transmigration of the soul.

If you miss tonight’s event, you’ll have to wait another 20 years. The next great conjunctions will occur on Nov. 2, 2040 and April 7, 2060, reported. But the show will be a little less impressive, as the planets will appear 11 times farther apart, or a 1.1-degree separation, compared with tonight’s great conjunction.


Clear skies here. It was neat to see, now I can die happy

Lol…who takes the time to do this…?

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I’m pretty sure what I saw was it, but it just looks like a bright star (to me) without aid of a telescope.

If it’s cloudy where you live, you can watch a live stream of it here:

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I spent 8 hours at home with my daughter while she is quarantined today. Also potty training her. So, I went to work 4pm to 9pm. The only upside: perfect view of it over the mountains to the southwest. Out of the boss’ office at least. My window’s under a staircase.

At least you have a window?

Not. For. Long.

My window looks out into the cubicles of others…inside.

I’ll be there soon.

Corporate renovation to more “efficiently” use space, and “integrate” departments for ultimate “synergy” of corporate buzzwords.

You need to pull a Peter Gibbons… cubicles are terrible for morale and motivation… and overall health.