The King Spawn 1:250 CGC Signature Certificate-Game Changer?

I just watched McFarlane’s video about each signed King Spawn #1 issue coming with a certificate which will allow the book to be submitted to CGC/receive the CGC signature series label/certification simply by mailing it in with the book.

This is honestly a bit of game changing procedure. Providing a numbered certificate with a book for this process. Eliminating the need for witnesses/taking your book to a con, etc.

Pretty big deal and I’ll be interested to see how this will be applied to other comics/creators moving forward.



I like the idea! Only CGC though right? It doesn’t work for the other places?


There are shops that will charge $120+ for signed and graded new books. So, I love this idea and I hope it catches on fast.

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@faele CGC only from what Todd stated/my understanding.

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And how is this different than any other CoA? Like midtown provides CoA with all of their signed comics but cgc doesn’t provide the same. Sounds to me like CGC is doing McFarlane/Image a favor to me.


Seriously they will take Todd Mcfarlane COA and not JSC COA

It’s different because CGC is going to accept it and grade/case the book up as a yellow label, verified Signature series book
No other COA will get you that.

CBCS and PGX will also grade the book signature series because they actually verify signatures when you send them in signed books.


I’m saying in actuality it’s no different than any other CoA signed book. Butt obviously McFarlane pulled some strings with CGC to allow this - meaning it is messed up since obviously they would be willing to do this for signatures but only if you pay them I guess.

Whereas CGC only really verifies your payment went through? :smiling_imp:


Well of course it’s all about money…money is the name of the grading game.
If they did it for McFarlane, they’ll do it for others.
…and folks will pay for this, absolutely will consider it a bonus.
Hell of a play by McFarlane…like him or not…he knows how to make that cash.


it just seems like a coa that cgc is letting count as a witness thing, whereas other grading companies are already doing that

CGC Signature Series King Spawn #1 Submission Info

Pretty genius marketing ploy for both CGC and Todd. I’m impressed.


CGC: “We only give the signature series to books we witness.”
Also CGC: “Hey everyone, Todd cut a deal with us so you want to get your book slabbed with the yellow seal without having to take it to him?”

No shade at Todd, get that money.


The whooooooooooooooooooole kit and kaboodle from beginning to end with grading, is one big, giant, immense ponzi scheme that everyone buys into. And until folks start losing money, it will continue to be a ponzi scheme.


Jay Z dont think so…

If you read CGC’s official information about the signing, they say they will be having an authorized witness with Todd as he signs the books The COA that’s included is supposed to be the proof that the signature was witnessed and why they want it to be submitted along with the book. According to CGC, it will be impossible to duplicate/fake the COA.


Where to buy it?