The Last Ronin Ashcan

Not sure if anyone else noticed, but this week, some shops received an ashcan preview of The Last Ronin #1. I say some because surprisingly, the shops in my area didn’t seem to get it.

It’s currently on eBay for about $50. Not bad for a free ashcan. I’m not sure how IDW decided to release this ashcan, or if they’re doing a staggered release to all the shops.

I think this can technically count as the first appearance of The Last Ronin.

Midtown had them listed I believe.

The Last Ronin is one of the 4 original turtles. So it wouldn’t be a first app.

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Well… We thought same thing about Immortal Hulk but look where we at now… :wink:

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Ha. Fair point.

Iirc the assumption at the time was the Hulk got new powers to become immortal (when he’s always been immortal). So it was a assumed transformation of sorts.

My understanding of Last Ronin is that it’s “just” a future turtles story (where 3 have died). Could be wrong though.

Lots of hype on the series though and Turtles collectors go deep.

Isn’t there a bunch of Marvel characters the became “Ronins” and those “Transformations” having some special meanings to collectors and therefore value as “firsts”? Mostly related to MCU appearances…

Yes, but they were becoming a new character named Ronin. Just like anyone else who takes up a new character.

I assume (and I could be completely wrong) the term ronin here isn’t referring to a new character, it’s describing the last turtle as a ronin (a samurai without a master).


For those that were lucky enough to get the $20 BINs from eBay the last few weeks, these are now exploding. Recent listings selling at $70 and climbing higher

I got mine for free!!

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NYCC exclusive

It was up for at least 20 minutes but still sold out. Hope ya’ll got one.

Eastman is a terrible artist. So I passed.


I think that’s what makes the Turtles so great, brings back childhood cause that’s how we all saw the first turtles drawn…

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