The Last Ronin - Ashcan

Anyone that has a copy, what / how are you storing it? Larger than even a magazine bag and board, so not ideal. Debating on trying to rig something together, but wasn’t sure if anyone had any tips or input.

In a magazine bag and board that has been modified to be taller. So its two boards attached together to make it taller to support the top of the ashcan

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Mine got a lil messed up upon retrieval from the shop but I jus put it btwn cardboard for now. Idk what to actually do with it. Keep it or sell it.

Thanks @Anthony ! That’s what I have so far, two magazine boards and bags. Just haven’t messed much with them yet myself lol

Sorry bout being messed up. I’m in the same spot, keep or sell.

Ah. If you don’t want it sell it. Maybe dry press it under some heavy books first

I’d like to keep it was actually thinking of testing a press on it. Heavy books for a few hrs. Idk what else to do. I’d like to keep it but some of the sales are making me want to flip it. Thinking I might hold till my Ronin Peach momoko cover comes in to combine. Idk

If that Momoko Ronin cover ever comes out. Book keeps getting pushed back.

Yeah I’m waiting patiently

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Nice! I picked mine up for $7.99 since I’ve also been getting the main turtles title for a while. Still need to read, but thought hell, for $7.99 I’m not gonna pass it up.

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