The Marvels 04/2021 speculation

‘Alongside at least two new characters’
With the promise of all new characters alongside the current ones I don’t see why this would be a bad pick up I recommend picking up a few maybe 3 stash one, sell one, read one
With an April release date it’s still plenty of time for this to gain hype and hopefully it does and to all the members who despise pre foc talk… ‘execute order 66’ :rofl:

What’s everyone’s thoughts on this book?


This is the first time I heard of this book. Any other information on the story? After the KIB story arc?

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I’m pretty sure in the solicitation it said that they are going to be telling stories from throughout marvels continuation from the 70’s onwards so its definitely a lot of room for it to spread its wings and either expand on or create great stories
Someone will correct me if I’m wrong :joy:

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Yea I posted that in the lounge a week ago but don’t know if you guys have access to that yet

The Marvels #1 - Lounge - COMICSHEATINGUP.NET Community Forum

Thanks man I must of missed that do you want me to take this down or should I leave it up for the people without the member level?

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lol no you don’t have to take down your post


Haha just checking you know how some people can be


Thanks guys. Hadn’t hears about this one!

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Has anyone got any insights about the new characters? Apparently, this was due for release last March…

So @AngryMrBungle said

This is kind of like the Civil War Marvel Snapshots book that did nothing. However that was just a one and done. The solicit says The Marvels will be a new ongoing series and will have 1st appearances of two new characters. I guess it’s like an anthology and will have stories based around…everyone. From characters like the 1947 All Winners Squad to new characters like Aero and others who will 1st appear here.

And @monopolyjackson said ‘ The lady with wings and lighting bolt costume 1st appears in History of the Marvel Universe #6

I know nobody has linked the solicit but

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I’ve got to be honest, I totally forgot about this, “The Marvels,” comic.

I ordered more copies of this comic than I typically do of a new book.
I was fairly worried (well, as worried as I would get over a comic), that we’d seen the last of ole Frank Castle in comics. I still think there could come a day it may happen.
Anyway, I was very glad to see him on the cover and reported to have a story within. Big deal to me.

I wouldnt worry about Frank Castle. It was the skull symbol that became a problem. Marvel will just rebrand him…or maybe just leave him without a symbol.


They could, and I’m just spitballing here, rebrand him by killing him and sending him to hell to make a deal with Mephisto then making him a herald of Galactus. :slight_smile:

(I have no skin in the original Punisher game here, but I sure do like CGR–I think he’s silly but also interesting)

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amazing cover. worth the price for one copy

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Dell otto variant. 1:50 I think

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IGcomicstore has it for $39.95. Same price as TFAW. And the 1:25 for $14.95.

Looks familiar…