The Midtown Thread

Ok guys, we all know Midtown has some cool sales and signings. This is the place to spotlight all things going on at Midtown.

First up, Midtown has James Tynion in for a signing this Wednesday, October 27th, for House of Slaughter. This means that signed copies of House of Slaughter will be up on their site in the coming weeks, keep an eye peeled for them, signed with cert. Tynion books should sell well once they are wiped out. (and to be honest probably before then even.)

Also, Matthew Rosenberg and Tyler Boss are doing a signing at Midtown on 11/10, same deal, double signed with cert copies of What is the Furthest Place From Here should show up a couple of weeks following the signing.
Rosenberg has mentioned that WITFPFH has already been optioned (or is about to be optioned) and these signed cert. copies could be a good second place to those sweet copies with the vinyl.


For reference, the signed Paper Girls #1 issues did really well on eBay for a while back in the day.

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They also are having a .99 Cent Indy Comic Sale Today only.


30% off Midtown Exclusives currently.

Yes they did, I still have 1 or 2 I think.

Great thread! Following

Midtown having up to 60% off first issues. I like getting this book cause Avril Kincaid becomes the new Quasar. Horrible cover but the other covers are on sale too

The buzz around this title has faded a bit, but I thought this was one of the better homages in the run. Only $1.80 in this new Midtown sale.

Stray Dogs


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Thats a helluva discount!

Midtown’s 75% off sale continues through today. Pretty picked over but could still find a couple of decent books

Great way to find filler books or just reader books, the titles you didn’t want to spend full cover on.

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Charles Soule is coming to Midtown 12/8 to sign Star Wars Crimson Reign books, keep an eye out for those in the coming weeks.


Got these in. Now to wait for the FOMO to sink in.


Is there fomo predicted for this book??

I think it’s just wishful thinking on my part. Everybody knows I have no idea what’s going on outside Star Wars.

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I could see this getting option news someday, even it’s just on the same low level as their other title, 4 Kids Walk into a Bank. Also no 2nd prints for this one because image. It would certainly pop a little if there was any news and I thought the first issue had promise.

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Soule signed Crimson Reign copies are live.


I wavered…they had the Rahzzah variant signed…as well as the Moon Knight Rahzzah variant which I forgot to request from my LCS…so I caved and ordered those two books.

Saves me a trip to the LCS Wednesday too.

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Arrived Thursday. They seem to ship faster now they aren’t distributors…



Not sure where my mind was but, I also forgot to pre-order that damn Rahzzah Moon Knight…luckily my LCS held it for me. I ordered 1 signed copy of the 3 covers for Crimson Reign from Midtown as well. $4.99 each is well worth it.

Looks like Scott Snyder and Capullo have a signing coming up tomorrow for We Have Demons so be on the lookout for signed copies in the web store in the next week or two.

I have been selling off duplicate and triplicate signed books on what not for 2-3 times what I paid once they are gone from inventory.

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