The Newest Rant - davidbitterbaum's Site Turns 10 + Giveaway

You gotta comment on his site though to enter. You can just chat about it here.


Thanks for sharing!

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Just so everyone knows, I’m gonna comment and try to win my “comic” back… :wink:

I kid… I kid…

The giveaway drawing for my blog’s 10th anniversary has occurred. Come see if you won (assuming you entered)!

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The first winner never contacted me, so I have run the names again.

I think the winner is a forum member…@Djrat may be happy…

Nooooooo! I’m #2 there (on the second one) :sob:

Yeah, I’m sorry. I’ll mail you a fun poster or something for free if that helps you feel better.

Oh, you don’t have to go out of your way! I’m only jokingly lamenting my “luck” :slight_smile:

I could send you one of my unslabbed VF copies I still have? :wink:


I’ll email you shortly