The Next Gauntlet cover on Sale Saturday

A cover with the Gauntlet is the equivalent of someone putting a book on their hot list because it may tie in with Knull, or people paying $100 on eBay for a glow in the dark Peach that’s still in stock, it doesn’t make much sense. The Venom #7 and #27 were lucky to land on first Dylan and Codex. If you have those covers your obviously going to want this for the set too. Some people paid $700 for that Virgin Venom #7 they will pay what they need too to get this.

This book is still moving regularly and ticking up in price.

I sat out the Maestro gauntlet release. Maybe I should’ve bought a copy? Eh.

I got a trade dress. It’s all I wanted anyways. And I’ll hold it for a future signing.

They sold out

You can only lead people to water you can’t force them to drink from it.

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Crain is hot no matter what. Especially on the secondary market. I decided a few months back to get his gauntlet covers because I’m a thanos collector. I’m down to only one I need now. Hell I even bought the skan variant because it’s a damn crain homage

My Virgin was free



So, trade dress is getting $30 on feebay, what was the buy in? $20? And what was buy in + shipping, for the set?

$50 for the set free shipping for members or $6.99 shipping for non members

I bought one set originally from Frankies and saw two sets left in stock at Golden Apple went to buy them both and someone checked out with one before I could grab both extras. I saw a good amount sell so said why not listed the extra set and the trade from my first set went to bed it was all sold when I woke.

Single trade dressed covers are $20 for Maestro last time the Knull Gauntlet was $15 for trade dressed I bought 5 of those and a set and sold all the trade dressed paid for my virgin then some on that cover. I would of done the same for Maestro if they were $15 too. But unless they start moving $40+ I probably won’t get any more trade dressed of Maestro.

I bought the Venom gauntlet 2nd hand before it got too crazy so didn’t get that one for free.