The Next Gauntlet cover on Sale Saturday

Maestro #1

Available at various exclusive retailers.

That’s an oxymoron…various exclusive… they’re just store variants. Nothing ‘exclusive’ about them. Literally anyone can buy one.

I prefer to not say any shops name until I get some comic Tom money for saying their name😜



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You’ll have to create youtube videos of yourself flinging your arms around and pointing at the camera though… it’s in the contract details… don’t you want to be the cool comic book hipster like Comic Tom?

is it Sunday or Saturday? I heard on Facebook Saturday. Either way I need it for my set

Yep you are right Saturday

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I’ll pass.

Going live at frankies Facebook in 5min everywhere else 20min

They are live everywhere now let’s count the minutes

Set sold out at Frankies 3mins

Still available here

I think your the only one here trying to get this… :wink:

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I got one set will sell off the trade dress.

I made good money on the Venom #7 and Venom #27 Gauntlet covers so you don’t have to like the cover just like the money it brings from someone else liking it.

Every week I tell myself I need to become a drop shipper…

Why does anything wearing a gauntlet sell? It’s like hotter than scantily clad women…

I got a set and will sell the trade as well. Going to have my virgin signed and graded.