The non-monetary benefits to "Comic Spec"

I realize the 99% of the spec game is relative to financial aspects, but I was recently reminded that speculation can also just lead to really cool comics/reads we may not even be aware of.

I saw the recent “spec” notes about “The Strange Talent of Luther Strode” and the possibility of it being adapted to film.
I’d never heard of this, frankly never even seen the title. The plot intrigued me and I also enjoy Tradd Moore’s art (I know many don’t).

I wasn’t about to pay big money for the series (#1 is in the fifty buck range or so) so I got the trade paperback. Really, really enjoyed it. It would make for a cool film.

At any rate, without “spec” I would have never known about it.


“spec notes” ? Wtf is that ?? Please dont say you saw it on Krap Kollector…


I won’t lie to you…I did see it on that app. Not really as “spec list” but I tend to look at books that are recently added into their database.

But I also won’t lie and say I cared about it for any “FOMO” reason, but in reading about it, the premise sounded really cool, and I truly had never heard of this series/book. I wasn’t collecting comics for a very long span.

So I guess my point was, that sometimes the spec sites/or spec talk, can lead you into a very cool read/literature experience…and for me personally, that can better than any short term financial gain. I’ve since shared the trade with my son who also enjoyed it and I plan on sharing it with others.

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Justin Jordan has been a friend of mine since before this book came out. He is good people. I have several books signed by him and his co-creators where he signed it And I had his co-creators sign it Justin Jordan Sucks.


@Anthony very cool! Well, I really enjoyed the book.
I think as a high school nerd who was bullied…who then isolated himself in a gym, fought back, joined the Marine Corps in order to help protect those who are bullied…his comic book resonated a bit with me.

Tell him he gained a fan.


It was a great series. It’d make a cool flick.