The Oldest Trick In The Book Vol3

Aloha CHUniverse, and welcome back to the Oldest Trick In The Book. This week we talk Darkhawk. Marvel Age #97 came out one month prior to Darkhawk #1, he appears on the cover of both books and Marvel Age has the first 5 pages of Darkhawk #1. So let’s take a look at both these books and see what’s going on.

We definitely get 1st cover appearance for Marvel Age #97 no denying that. Some will try and say oh this is Preview/Artist review book. But this book is in comic size and form and has a cover price. That cover price is important because it’s a common cover price at the time and the same cover price as Darkhawk #1. So Marvel Age wasn’t a freebie or a cheaper book like many previews are today, it hit the racks the same as comics.

So pictured above we see Darkhawk in Marvel Age #97 this isnt the five page preview, but an article about the upcoming series Darkhawk.

Above the start of the five page preview. Here’s the funny thing Darkhawk doesn’t appear in the first five pages. So Marvel Age #97 is first cover 1st cameo in print, not in comic as he doesn’t appear in the five page preview.

Enter Darkhawk #1. We get the first five pages that are the same as Marvel Age we do get the title page which is the same image as the cameo in Marvel Age but the full picture. Pictured below.

It takes Darkhawk #1 quite a bit to actually get to Darkhawk. He does appear full origin, full appearance, for many panels and pages. Pictured below. So in closing it’s a kinda unique 1st appearance argument. I’ll give Marvel Age 1st cover, 1st cameo in print, and Darkhawk #1 will be 1st appearance. Had he appeared in the five pages contained in Marvel Age I may of been swayed the other way since it was a monthly with cover price book in comic form. My advice is always buy both that way you’re not on either side of the argument.

I’m not a fan of preview books either, even if you pay for them. Also, how can they claim there’s a “5 Page Free Preview” on the cover when it still cost a buck? That’s not a free preview. :wink: