The One Above All

The one above all makes an app in immortal hulk #50. FF #511 could see a spike.

Jack Kirby!?

Yes. It seems like the concensus is ff 511 is his 1st full app, at least the god-like version.

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Pretty dumb they already wrote this story twice before once with Franklin Richards and another time with Uatu

Do you know what books those were offhand?

As soon as I heard Cates was writing Hulk and Ewing was writing Venom, I told a buddy of mine to buy up copies of Immortal Hulk 12 (1st One Below All).

No idea if that will pan out, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Cates and Ewing are talking a lot.

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Cates loves taking other people’s ideas and retconning it somehow. Hopefully we see something new in Hulk that continues Banner’s story.

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His favorite writer of all time is Jason Aaron so I’m pretty sure he did Knull’s retcon to Aaron’s Thor GOT run to give him some credit for creating the character.

So, he’s retconned with characters like black winter, knull, surfer, brock and cosmic ghost rider to an extent. What will we get next.

Start naming off first appearances in Hulk titles… :slight_smile:

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Ewing needs to start retconning Cates characters in Venom…start a friendly rivalry.


And kill off Dylan… he’s annoying! :wink:


Eh, Dylan is alright. He will grow on is just like Damian Wayne did.