The Other 1st Appearances In Marvel Comics Presents #6

With all the new blonde stabby talk going on MCP #6 is on fire, but did you no there’s more to it than just another Wolverine kid. The book contains a few other 1st appearances as well as a new Deadpool Chromium uniform.


New shiny Deadpool costume.

New character Raze. This is the third character named Raze in Marvel comics. The other two are a symbiote and strangely enough Wolverine and Mystiques kid Raze.

Adding to the keyness of this book we get a full team of 1st appearances. All this is being overlooked because Blonderine but there is more to MCP #6 than meets the eye.

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Seems like this is something Liefeld would come up with… very 90ish and childish in nature.

I don’t think these new characters or the chromium Deadpool outfit will catch on.

Unless Marvel brings out a new promotion. Force customers to buy a copy of “Force Pack” if they want their new issue of Spider-Man, Immortal Hulk or Venom.

I would think any change of cloths for Deadpool could always trigger a new wave of Funko like the black suit and tie did with Deadpool #1 for getting new Pop’s, Dorbz and Bleacher Creatures and such on the shelves but frequently those are bought by people who I can’t figure out why they buy anything and usually refuse to take a copy of Deadpool #1 out the door at the same time. I’m like, when your niece or nephew is over for Christmas/ Thanksgiving and see’s your collection and asks why is Deadpool wearing a black suit how are you going to answer the question if you haven’t read the comic to know?

This topic in general should have one of those lists on the other CHU for all the issues. 1 thru 6 listing all the 1st appearances and clothing changes and anything else for each of the issues as people read them and figure this stuff out. I was going to suggest it but then I saw the contest thing and didn’t want to sound like I was making a suggestion.

Always make suggestions. They are always welcome. I don’t have all the issues so cannot do anbreakdown but if someone wanted to I’d be happy to post it.

I don’t mind making suggestions, it’s just bad timing since I was trying not to enter the contest. Someone in the message the other day had a list of different names that the series has 1sts for but no breakdown of which issues they may be in yet.

I don’t have the issues either anymore so it’s out of my hands until the trade comes out for Rein.

Blame it on the Rein!!!

Now to try and get that song out of my head.

Just say to exempt from the contest in the comment. :wink:

Do you think Millie Vanilli can come out of retirement to lip sync a variation of their hit for her movie?

I feel the urge to ban you just for bringing up that groups name… :stuck_out_tongue:

If they do, either it’ll have to be without Rob Pilatus or they’ll have to raise him from the dead…

Don’t blame me, if you gotta blame something

Whoo, oh girl

Blame it on the rain (yeah, yeah)
Blame it on the stars (whoo)

You said you didn’t need her
You told her good-bye (good-bye)
You sacrificed a good love
To satisfy your pride
Now you wished that you should had her (had her)
And you feel like such a fool
You let her walk away
Now it just don’t feel the same
Gotta blame it on something (gotta blame it on something)
Gotta blame it on something

Blame it on the rain that was falling, falling
Blame it on the stars that didn’t shine that night

I’m old enough to have enjoyed that song before the lip synch blowup and really didn’t mind since I’m country enough to have only experienced it on the radio up until then. MTV and video’s and such were for you city folk.

How do you tell if someone’s lip synching over the radio? My ears aren’t that talented.

If they do, either it’ll have to be without Rob Pilatus or they’ll have to raise him from the dead…

That’s a staple of comic book story telling to do exactly that. I heard Stan Lee was in that Avengers Endgame movie and I thought I saw MJ singing and dancing as a hologram on some award show. Lip synching and dancing shouldn’t be that much more complicated.

Rob Pilatus, one half of ‘Milli Vanilli’, was found dead from an overdose of alcohol and pain killers in 1998. They will not be reunited for any concert, except, perhaps, at Rick Grimes’ funeral.

Or Frank Grimes funeral…

Old Grimey. That’s what he liked to be called.

A little bit about “Ol Grimey”…

Frank Grimes was a hard worker with perpetual bad luck. He was abandoned by his family at the tender age of four, and never got to go to school. He spent his childhood days working as a delivery boy, presenting gifts to children from wealthy and loving families.

On his eighteenth birthday, Grimes was severely injured in a silo explosion. It is never revealed what he was doing in the silo, or how it exploded. His recovery was long and painful.

Frank Grimes worked long and hard consistently, and what few spare moments he had, he used to study science by mail. At age 35, Grimes received a degree in nuclear physics from a distant college. A bird attempted to steal it from him when it arrived.

His long years of toil and suffering left him bitter, resentful and arrogant among his peers. Frank Grimes had to struggle for everything all his life, was working a second job at a foundry, and yet all he had to show for it was his briefcase, his haircut and a one-room apartment wedged between two bowling alleys (the latter of which impressed Homer).

Grimes took an intensely growing dislike to Homer Simpson, finding him obnoxious, idiotic, and dangerous. Initially, Grimes minded his own business, but after Homer intruded upon Grimes’ personal space with actions such as unintentionally stealing his lunch (Grimes was on a special diet) and Grimes’ personalized stationery, this caused Grimes to increasingly dislike Homer. In direct contrast, Homer started to admire him, even giving him the nickname “Grimey” (which he thought Grimes liked, when in fact Grimes despised the moniker). When Grimes ended up accidentally destroying a wall after smacking a beaker full of sulfuric acid out of Homer’s hands right before he drank it, without explaining how the man saved his life, or that it wouldn’t have happened if he hadn’t recklessly reached for the oddly placed beaker full of highly corrosive liquid, he only pointing at Grimes and saying “He did” when Burns asked who destroyed the wall. As a result, Grimes was given a stern warning and a severe pay cut by Mr. Burns, and he told Homer that they would be mortal enemies from that point on.

In an effort to prove that Homer was a truly undeserving buffoon, Grimes tricked him into entering a nuclear power plant model-building contest intended for kids. When Homer won the contest with his own entry (a copy of the current power plant, with added fins to lower wind resistance and a racing stripe) to thunderous applause from the audience, Grimes finally snapped, declaring everyone in the plant to be insane. Clearly having lost his mind, Grimes ran through the plant, psychotically impersonating Homer in a mocking fashion, and ultimately spotted some high-voltage power cables, saying, “What’s this? ‘Extremely high voltage.’ Well, I don’t need safety gloves, 'cause I’m Homer Simp–” He touched the cables before he could finish his sentence and was fatally electrocuted.

Grimes was buried in Springfield Cemetery. Homer unintentionally managed to make a mockery of the funeral ceremony by falling asleep and, half waking up, telling Marge to change the channel in a drowsy voice, causing the entire funeral congregation to erupt in laughter as the coffin was lowered into the Earth.

I fixed your image giphy… requires no clicks to view… :wink: