The OTHER David’s Flipping Report June 2020

Like the title? Real original, I know.

Went through my EBay sales for June. Here’s what I was able to move. All were purchased at or near cover Unless noted.

From my honey hole:

  • The Crow #3 (1st Print, Caliber Press), VF $35 (paid $6).
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars #3 ($20)
  • Star Wars: KotOR #42 ($50)

Quick Flips for the LCS:

  • Peter Parker 48/49 ($25)
  • Peter Parker 49 ($10)
  • invincible Iron Man 7 3rd Prt ($23)
  • legion of Super Heroes 6 ($15)
  • Daredevil 9, 1st Echo ($25)
  • Final Crisis #7 NM- ($20)
  • MMPR/TMNT #5 Thank You ($20)
  • Thor #2 Design Variant ($25)
  • Thor #5A ($15)
  • Negan Lives #1 Silver ($35)
  • Miles Morales #0 Comic Fest $11 x 2

Back Issue Sales - These I’ve been holding onto for a while and finally put up for sale or sold after a while

  • Bitter Root 1A & 1B set ($30)
  • Daredevil #9 1st Echo ($15)
  • Moon Girl #1 Hip Hop ($35)
  • Flashpoint #1 VF ($20) and NM ($50)
  • Ascender #1 signed by Lemire & Nguyen ($20)
  • Exiles #2, 1st Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie

Funny story About the last bullet. I rescued 10 or so copies of Exiles #2 from the dollar bin…they’re all VF+’to NM- shape…been selling them one by one for over a year…This was my last copy. $100 in sales for $10 invested…not too shabby.

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Nice dealings! I didn’t know Flashpoint had rocketed up in value!

I guess its time for my payday on Flashpoint too sell all but 1, also been meaning to grab my extra warrior nun stuff and put that up too. I sold some books this past month 4x Venom #25 Virus variants kept the virgin and A and B copies of Turner Spidermen SDCC and kept the Virgin.

Keeping the Virgin has never been my style.

We’re still talking comic books, right?

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It cooled off a Little. I got a couple raws and a CBCS 9.6 up on eBay for $250…likely higher than market…definitely the graded copy. But when one sold in 9.8 for $450 I figured I’d see if anyone would bite.

First Thomas Wayne cover too.

They’re not waterproof so I would advise against it. Lol.


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