"The Patient"

Anyone else watching this series?
Highly recommend it if you aren’t.

Steve Carell & Domhnall Gleeson.

10 episodes with the finale next week…easy viewing as the episodes are usually 30-40 minutes.

A real nail biter, suspense, intense, deep show.

Check it out! (It’s on Hulu)

Been watching it. Such a bore though.

Using it as background noise :grin:

LoL…you should double it up with Andor… you’ll never be awake! :slight_smile:

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was definitely awake for Andor today. It had a kick-ass soundtrack :grinning:


Andor was good last week. Looking forward to this

Andor is like Han, but “allowed” to shoot first!

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wait last week wasnt the season finale of bland-or?

I only watched the first two episodes but it’s by far the best thing put out in the universe ever.

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So glad you like it…it remains great through the end!
I’d love to hear your thoughts on the finale when you get there!

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