The Prisoner, TFAW

Does anyone know why The Prisoner was not included with other TFAW preorders this week? I know there is a TFAW employee in the forums here now, so I figured it was worth a shot to ask about this. Thanks.

Why don’t you e-mail TFAW customer service to ask?

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That’s the quickest way to find out. I’d have to call them during business hours myself since everyone is remote.

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Roger that. You’re the guy I was hoping to hear from. Will send an e-mail to customer service tonight. Much obliged.

I believe it was resolicited. 10/28 release date as of now.

It was moved to 10-28 I believe.

Thanks for the responses, guys. I had been wondering the same thing about ENIAC, which I see now has been pushed back until next year. That’s a bummer.

Speaking of, “ENIAC,” the publisher behind it–Bad Idea–announced four other interesting looking books as well!

David, could you share a link in regards to these new books by Bad Idea? I definitely would like to read up on this. Thank you.

I wrote about it for my blog, actually…

Bummer about on ENIAC. Was looking forward to that one.

Fantastic. I wasn’t aware you had a blog, but now you’ve got a new reader. Thanks again, David.

Yes, it really is a huge letdown. The solicitation really sounded fantastic. I believe the new release date is sometime in March of the following year.

I mention the blog here sometimes, @Waymond, but try not to be annoying in my self-promotion. I’ve actually teamed-up with CHU on posts before and will be doing giveaway in partnership with them in December to celebrate my blog turning 10 years old.

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David, I just read the article. Good stuff. I preordered the three I hadn’t heard of yet. I intend to read more of your musings. “Tanks” sounds hilarious.

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