The Protectors

Thoughts on this team? 1st is in Totally Awesome Hulk 15 & 16. eBay not flooded with them at the moment.

I tend to pick those up when i see them if cover or less. I’m genuinely not a huge fan of teams from a spec standpoint, but the members all have great futures.

I’m a big fan of A. Cho and Silk so that was my primary reason for always getting them. I wouldn’t overpay though as I def find them in the wild from time to time.

The Totally Awesome Hulk run got quite a bit of undeserved hate. I enjoyed it.

The covers are fantastic regardless.


Thanks. I normally ignore team appearances too, but the make-up of this team caught my attention. Found 2 sets of 15 & 16 for cover and figured I’d ask the forum before grabbing them. Thanks!

The problem with team spec is unless the movie/tv show use that EXACT team, it’s usually completely ignored.

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@dPcomics As an aside, when you are digging through Totally Awesome Hulk books…snag #3. Nobody ever seems to grab that book. 1st Kid Kaiju. I’m a fan of Kaiju/Montsters/the glory days of Godzilla and such. I think that character is very cool and doubt we’ve seen the last of him.

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Oh yeah I’ve been grabbing those! I think that character is awesome and expect to see him soon, I agree. Thx!

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#3 was picked clean from my area 2-3 years ago. Kid Kaiju has def been spec’d on before.

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yeah, he’s def been on the radar, but it has been so long that I’ve found restocks or movement back into regular bins from “key” bins and things like that. It’s amazing how cyclical spec books are.

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