The Real Crossover

I would read that!

Meh… that’s like mixing Star Trek with Star Wars… Could never get into the crossover stories from two completely different ideas where it makes zero sense… Only a few stand out that make sense, like Aliens vs Predators.

Rev up those Thor 5 3rd prints, Cates already layed the ground work with mentioning black winter destroyed the DC universe (as darkseid) in Thor 2. BLACK WINTER SPEC IS BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER (@Alana don’t ban me pls)

She can’t ban you… she’s just a regular member here. Now me, I love black winter. I think you should make sure to @alana mention everytime Black Winter is mentioned… maybe I’ll just hard code it… black winter automatically emails @alana :slight_smile:


Bring back Black Winter!!

Hows the weather today @Alana ? Clear skys or do you see black winter coming?


@Alana Black Winter. I’m just piling on.

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When the volcanoes erupt on the big Island… Can you see Black Winter when looking east @Alana?