The Show Must Go On - A Y: Last Man Update

Yay! This was THE book that convinced me to first try comics. I didn’t read them as a kid, but a friend gave me this book and I loved it. Then I read Runaways, then DMV, and then it snowballed!

It was Walking Dead that got me back into comics but after I read the first 6 trades of Walking Dead, I picked up Y Last Man as well, it was the second series for me to read as well. From there I then read Ex Machina (which is just as good).

When the hardcovers were coming out for this series after it’s conclusion I picked up the first book and was immediately hooked. Had to patiently wait months for each successive hardcover…usually read the whole book the day after it arrived!

Patiently waiting for this to b a series now…so not much different than when I read it! Will definitely give it a shot.

I honestly cannot see how that creepy dweeb they hired to play the lead would ever be genetically related to Diane Lane. She’d have beautiful children with anyone!

I thought this one was dead in the water. Glad to hear it is still happening!

I still think it is dead, Disney owns FX now, Disney doesn’t promote or produce other products owned by other companies (Vertigo/DC) over companies they own like Marvel comics. Disney didn’t just spend billions of dollars to promote DC comics stories they did it to get the remaining Marvel properties, Fox Studios, and the FX channel. As soon as Disney realizes it’s a DC property it will get the permanent ax. They axed Legion which was a Marvel property they ain’t going to replace it with anything DC.

It’s Veritgo and to my knowledge BKV still owns all the rights to his characters, the story and the overall concept. Just like Preacher, Ennis and Dillon were able to shop that to whoever they wanted, which ended up at AMC.

So DC might of published it under the Vertigo imprint but to my knowledge, BKV and Pia still own the rights to Y Last Man.