The Thing coming to the MCU

David Harbour announced today at the MCM in the UK, That he is glad to see the Thing coming to the MCU after announcing he will be in Black Widow will this be Ben Grimm, or Manthing, or someone else.

the quote is “this thing is joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe.”. could as likely be man-thing, or perhaps the more likely case that the word THING is being taken out of context

I immediately thought of John Carpenter’s The Thing ! :scream: How wild would that be ?! But either of Ben Grimm or Man Thing would be interesting alongside Black Widow. Her empathic link with the Hulk could well be a subtle positive power that could work in harmony with either of these two characters. The Fantastic Four have yet to be a hit together on the screen & Man Thing’s film appearance was also under utilised. Perhaps putting Ben Grimm / The Thing out on his own in a Marvel Team up with Black Widow could well work. Maybe Man Thing could be one of several misunderstood creatures out in the wild mistaken for Big Foot that the Black Widow / Ben Grimm team up to seek out ? Could be an interesting allignment however this plays out.
Thank you for sharing the news Alana :smiley: