The Walking Dead #1 Signed by Marvels Punisher Jon Bernthal 9.6 CBCS

With Jon Bernthal set to return to The Walking Dead films here’s your chance to own the only known copy of The Walking Dead #1 1st print signed by Jon Bernthal. The book is graded 9.6 CBCS but looks flawless and a good candidate for a resubmit to CBCS the signature is 100% verified and only copy of the first print I’ve ever seen signed by Jon Bernthal. Looking for $1700obo

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You know… you could probably crack it open, wipe the signature off, resubmit the comic to CGC in which it’ll come back at least 9.8 or higher (since we all know they love to grade high) and boom, now you got a 9.8 CGC that adds a little more value to the book. :wink:

I believe @D-Rog knows how to wipe signatures off books… he’s like some expert at wiping them clean. :wink:

With how lenient CGC has gotten you could just cross off the signature and write with ballpoint pen “ignore” next to it and the book would still come back a 9.8. if you paid for their pressing service first, that is. :smiley: