Things People Think Comic Fans Like, But Don't

I do not like talking about my regular job, so when people ask me what I do I tell them I run a comic book website.

More times than not, people reference the tv show Big Bang Theory. Kinda funny because comics are not a big part of the show.

So while people ask all the time if I like the show, I really don’t care for it.


Drawings of scantily clad women. I just don’t see the appeal of it. If I’m going to look at a picture like that it’s going to be of a real woman not a rendering of one.

Also, I like Marvel as much as the next guy but I can’t stand when someone notices my display of DC characters and I hear “Oh look at all the Marvel characters! Are they yours?!”


As someone who enjoys well-done erotica/cheesecake I get the stereotype of the greasy nerd drooling over half-naked women being rude, but there is a subsection of comic fans who enjoy sexy art to a degree. Not everyone though, for sure.

As for something people assume I like but am not a fan of:

I’ll get asked by some people who know I like comics if I also play Magic: The Gathering. As we touched upon on another category, I don’t play any trading card games besides how when I was much younger I did the Pokemon cards (back when there were just 151 of the critters). I always tell folks who ask if I also play Magic how some friends have tried to get me into it, but I have enough hobbies that take my money, I don’t think I could handle another.

It’s been assumed by a handful of folks I’m good at math too, for some reason. I hate math.

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You’re not allowed to have a regular job, we’re your job AND family!


D&D, not for me. Sports Trading Cards, not for me since I was a teen.


People ask me about sports cards all the time. “Do you do sports cards too?” No, they are not related.

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I often get asked if I still read Marvel & DC comics.

And my answer is always the same - nope, I stopped in the 90’s when 95% of them became daytime soap operas with amalgam stupid bastardized characters; instead of a 15 minute self contained story about the character I love with a cliffhanger.

People will ask me about the movies…which I’m not a movie buff…and I’m not a big fan of going to the theatre unless it’s a movie I just have to see (like across the spider-verse).

I’m still catching up with MCU….i pick away at what’s on Disney+…I haven’t even bothered with DCU I’ve heard it’s so bad. So when people ask me about plot details or how closely stories follow comic. Most of the time I’m shrugging my shoulders.

I guess that’s not necessarily in-line with the title of the thread as most comic fans probably like the movies (or have seen them) I’m guessing. I’m probably the outlier when it comes to movies.

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Bro. ZSJL, BvS Ultimate Edition, Wonder Woman 1, Aquaman, and Black Adam are all pretty damn good.

Thor Love and Thunder, Moon Knight, Shang Chi those were BAD


Sort of related but in inverse. As a trooper with the 501st at conventions I’m always scanning booths & looking at comics.
I always get the “What Star Wars books are you looking for?”.

Truth be told, Star Wars comics as a whole are some of my least favorite. I’ll buy them for covers and spec related stuff but definitely don’t go out of my way in terms of back issues.


Yeah i feel like Star Wars is best consumed in the cinematic medium with novels following closely behind

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