Think I just saw Silver Sable

In Falcon and Winter Soldier super bowl commercial. Anyone catch it?

Isn’t that Sharon carter ?

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Yep youre right her hair just looked silver in the shot.

Agent 13…

I can see Silver Sable eventually making it to D+ , maybe if they do the Dr Darcy Lewis/Agent Woo spin off fans are wanting… Unless Silver Sable is owned by Sony. Who knows.

I hope Falcon and Winter Soldier acknowledges how Steve was getting romantic with Sharon in, “Civil War,” then seemed to completely forget her and end-up with Peggy.

Then there is that alternate universe where Steve is with Peggy and then her niece Sharon- now his niece- comes in. All the while knowing he kissed her in the future. Had to make him feel pretty sleazy watching her grow up in that reality.

I think Sony has the rights to Silver Sable. There was rumors of a silver sable movie in the works if I remember


So just in case I looked up if Silver Sable and Zemo ever crossed paths and Silver Sable is the main hero in Helmut Zemo’s wife’s origin who is Baroness Zemo and claimed to be the original Zemo’s conscience put in a female body by Arnim Zola. So there is a connection between the different Zemo’s and Silver Sable.