This "Tyrant" Business? Silver Surfer

So obviously the “crazy hot” book/s at the moment are Silver Surfer #81 & (to a bit lesser degree #82), but other than spec word of mouth what is this hype based on? I know all it takes is an alert, video, etc but was there really word given on this fellow? I had no issue finding 81 (& imo 80 also belongs in the plotline) & 80…but 82 eluded me.
Just curious if there was a memo I missed.

Probably based off this recent news that several outlets starting picking up and posting on.

Silver Surfer #81 is now an easy $20 book. Seems it’s creeping up too, some are listing them upwards of $40 range.

Thanks! Always fun to see what rumors can do. #80 has Tyrants minions in it & mentions his name so might as well grab that as well. Found a couple nice copies of 81 in dollar bins this AM. I’ll just work on getting an #82 to go along with them after the fomo furor dies down.

Yeah, before your post I remember seeing the news in my google news feed on my phone but I didn’t even think anything of it. I knew Galactus first appearance but didn’t even register for me to look into Tyrant’s first appearance.

It’s creeping down not up. Completed sales over $60 for the book. I turned down $40 for my last copy yesterday. Listings in triple digit range right now and only one Buy it Now under $33 plus shipping.
FOMO at it’s finest!!!

Not bad for a book that was in the dollar boxes Thursday afternoon. :crazy_face:

Sorry, yeah… once the market gets flooded, prices start to come down. Doing a post now on main CHU site.

Why would you turn down money? How do you stay in business? A dollar bin back issue and you’re turning down $40… :crazy_face:

Just to pull down the images for references:

It was my last copy and with completed sales North of $60 yesterday and having sold so many copies I felt for once I’d like to keep a copy around in case it does climb into triple digits. I’m never trying to be completely out of anything unless I’m sure I can acquire a replacement which I’m still researching this one to see what the print run was. It’s in that range that Comichron doesn’t cover so it could be a huge print run or anywhere less. I remember when I sold out of Naomi 1A’s at $25 and that one kept on heading into stupid range. I wish I’d held back one copy of that but at least I had reprints available at the time for that one.

Sell and move on, never looking back… but whatever… Seize the moment. If you just claimed it’s dropping now cause everyone is digging them out, I seriously doubt we’ll see triple digits. There’s also a chance we never see Tyrant in a Marvel movie or if we do, Galactus will be the bigger villain while Tyrant is just a come and go villain. Sell, sell, sell I say…

He doesn’t really look like Galactus. To get my highest grade 81 I actually busted open a set of issues 51 to 100 no one had picked up for $62 for over 4 years so I might even put the last copy back into the bundle. I like to have complete sets to read whenever possible. It just feels like the spec on the back half of this series is going to blow holes into it pricing it out of the casual readers range other than during big stupid level sales. I need to see if there’s a trade or something collecting this arc.

You’re obsession with holding and creating sets is going to doom your business… sell, sell, sell!

For once, I got ahead of the curve ball and sold the 6 NM copies I dug out of the Catacombs this morning to one walk in stranger at $40 a pop … $240 casharino … no regrets … :vulcan_salute:


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