This week in funny Ebay listings...GUARANTEED 10.0

The description underneath of guaranteed 10.0 or money back gave me a good chuckle. As if storing something for 20 years assures it is in perfect condition.


Says perfect 10 but I see what looks like at least 4 ticks on the spine

Hey… all my comics are perfect 10’s… even the ones that aren’t… :crazy_face:

He’s got a lot of perfect 10s up for sale…guaranteed!!

Total scam and this person knows it. By the time you get you 8.5 back from cgc you’ve lost your chance at a refund…and you’re out grading fees.


Yeah but even then, grading is subjective. What he thinks is perfect isn’t so perfect to others. That’s the absurdity when it comes to beauty and grading.

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Hilariously bad…every book on his page are listed as 10s and he makes a point to say not 9.9. Ridiculous.

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Probably the same type of person my dad was when it came to perfection and value.

Long ago my dad use to collect the championship bottles. He swore once that the old Paul Bear Bryant bottles were worth $100 (seems they fetch upwards of $15 now). He had two of them.

I told him I saw them for $5 each at a shop once and they had a shelf full of them. He was like, “why didn’t you buy them all, they’re worth $100 each”… I reminded him, “if they were $100 each, why was this shop selling for only $5 each then?”… stubborn old man still insisted they’re worth $100 and I should have bought them all… so yeah, they could sit and collect dust in the garage workshop like his were doing at the time…

I know, when I saw he wrote it on the other books as well I lost it, ha.
It’s a $80 book CGC 9.8, surely a 10.0 would be worth more than a hundred bucks, lol.

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