This Week’s Top Trending Books 6/20

These come from and show the top 10 trending books for each Age for last week. These are in no particular order just the top trending books in the Age for the week. Not to be confused with the top moving books for the month but both lists will share many of the same books but weekly trends don’t include any Golden Age. Green arrow up means price increase in the last month red arrow down means price decrease in the last month. has many tools available for free and a good source to add to your arsenal. Please click on the pictures to see the full top 10 for each Age.

Silver Age

Bronze Age

Copper and Modern Age

Modern Variants

I did buy a Shanna The She Devil this week looks like most raw copies have disappeared online.

people starting to buy the batman beyond special origin issue cause they don’t want to throw down 75+ for a raw copy of issue 1. any real confirmed news hit about that book and its gonna hit BA12 prices


Bought a really nice copy of Shanna years ago. Glad I did.

I’ve been picking up the B covers of the current series…should have been looking for the earlier stuff in my travels…now I want the first 6 issues.

6/10 for the silver, 7/10 for the bronze, 6/10 for the copper and only 1/10 for the variants. Guess I am a cover A kind of guy!

I’m 4/10 Silver, 8/10 bronze, 6/10 Modern/copper, 1/10 variants the Spidergwen one. Not my best week. I bought 1st Kraven instead of Mysterio when it was announced they were getting solo movies I thought it would be hard to pull off fishbowl head, sigh…

3/10 Silver, 5/10 Bronze, 7/10 Modern, 3/10 Variants…Hmmmm…a little low for my liking. Better get hunting!!

I would think it’s just a matter of time before Kraven is introduced.

Comic book hunting! Such a guilty pleasure!